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On the heels of Hurricane Florence just three weeks before, Hurricane Michael blew into the Gulf of Mexico, making landfall at Mexico Beach, FL, near Tyndall Air Force Base. This Category 4 had sustained winds of 155 mph, flattening trees, homes, and knocking out power everywhere it went.

Homes both on-base and off-base Tyndall were impacted, most of which were blown flat or had their roofs torn off. Some houses were torn off their foundations and blown elsewhere. What was once a beautiful beachfront city became a litter-strewn area in a matter of hours.

Roads were washed out and in most cases, impassable. Boats were tossed about like toys and left piled up. Trees and power lines were snapped and flattened everywhere.

Panama City also suffered much of the same damage as Michael passed through the Panhandle. (CNN has a number of pictures here.)

After leaving the Florida Panhandle, Michael coursed through Georgia with 115 mph winds, with tropical storm force wind gusts as far north as Atlanta and Athens. Michael also visited North Carolina, and over a million people in several states were without power for many days.

Specialty Fuel Services went into the hurricane zone to deliver fuel where it was needed. We saw the devastation first hand. Scenes like these were common everywhere we went.

Hurricane Michael Response

Our emergency response team worked to make sure that our customers who needed fuel got what they needed.

Hurricane Michael Response

Emergency vehicles are vital, and when the call went out, we answered. Specialty Fuel Services brought the emergency fuel delivery to them as soon as we could get to them.

Hurricane Michael Response

Be Ready For The Next Disaster

Hurricane Season is almost over, but that doesn’t mean another storm won’t happen.

You depend on your generator, your vehicles and other machinery after a disaster, so make sure you have more fuel coming. Call us at 1-866-445-5508, email us at [email protected], or use our online contact form to reserve your emergency fuel supply.

Centrally located with strategic fuel reserves throughout the US, Specialty Fuel Services can deliver emergency fuel and equipment anywhere. Add us to your disaster recovery and business continuity plan to guarantee fresh fuel at your location anytime.

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