Let Us Be Your Emergency Fuel Delivery Team

Relax. Specialty Fuel Services Has Your Back.

Including Specialty Fuel Services in your business continuity plan gives you peace of mind.

About Us

We Bring Order To Your Emergency Fueling Operations.

Since 2006, Specialty Fuel Services has been bringing emergency fuel deliveries to companies in areas impacted by disasters. Hurricanes, fires, and other catastrophic events can lead to limited or lost fuel deliveries. With fueling equipment and strategic fuel reserves available nationwide, we can bring fresh emergency fuel delivered to your facility when you need it.

Therefore, placing an advance order with SFS means your fuel delivery needs are met if an emergency occurs. Call us, and we’ll bring our portable fueling equipment to your facility when you need us, and deliver emergency fuel right onsite.

We saw the chaos that happened after Hurricane Katrina, and we’ve worked hard to help affected companies in the years since. In the last 18 months, we’ve brought emergency fuel deliveries after areas were damaged by:

• Alberto (Florida)

• Cindy (Louisiana/Mississippi)

• Harvey (Texas)

• Irma (Florida)

• Nate (Mississippi)

• Gordon (Alabama/MS)

• Florence (North/South Carolina)

If your facility found itself in the midst of an emergency, how would you get fuel? Even if your generator is full and ready when you need it, how long before your fuel runs out?

Emergency fuel delivery is a vital part of any company’s disaster/contingency and business continuity planning. We deliver all types of fuel to any location, including diesel. If your company’s contingency plan or business continuity depends on generators, a fleet of vans or trucks, planning for post-emergency fueling will make sure your business is up and running quickly after an emergency.

  • SFS has been a part of our Emergency Team since 2011 and have been vital to LEA3’s success in servicing our customers’ generators during major storm events.  They have made thousands of deliveries and never once failed.
    Larry Abney, Owner and President of LEA3