Emergency Fuel Service for Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions: SFS Can Supply Your Emergency Generator Fuel

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Emergency Fueling

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Strategic Fuel Reserves

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On Site Fuel Service

Emergency Fuel Service for Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions

Power outages from manmade or natural disasters can strike hospitals and other healthcare institutions with little warning, and when the lives of your patients and employees weigh in the balance, seconds count. As your continuity plan is put to the test, precious fuel reserves will be relied upon for life-sustaining devices and equipment that your patients and staff so desperately need. In addition to your building’s power, fuel shortages can also disrupt ambulances, doctor and staff transportation, and even your air medical operations.

Does your current supply chain contingency plan include enough backup generator fuel to see you through a crisis? And, can you count on your plan’s emergency fuel delivery service well after a disaster hits? At Specialty Fuel Services, we specialize in anticipating emergency fuel needs, and as an emergency fuel service for hospital and healthcare institutions that will keep your facility running smoothly long after a disaster strikes.

Because Your Patients’ Care is Our Top Priority

For over 12 years now, Specialty Fuel Services has been partnering with hospitals and other healthcare institutions across the U.S. to keep them operating when power outages, and fuel shortages, occur. They choose us as their go-to emergency fuel service because we’ve promptly answered the call, crisis after crisis. In fact, many healthcare institutions now include SFS as an essential part of their business contingency plans, including these:

• Hospitals

• Nursing homes

• Urgent care clinics

• Doctor’s offices

• Ambulatory surgery centers

Air medical helicopter services

Why Should SFS Be Your Emergency Fuel Service?

As an emergency fuel delivery service, our goal at Specialty Fuel Systems is to help ensure that your healthcare facility’s business continuity and disaster recovery plans are JCAHO and CMS-compliant. But our top priority is your staff and patients’ safety and well being when a fuel shortage is likely. At SFS, we’ve already “checked off” much of the healthcare sustainability planning for you by providing these vital emergency fuel delivery resources:

Strategic Fuel Reserves

We partner with strategically located fuel suppliers across the U.S. to ensure your healthcare institution- no matter its location- receives ample emergency generator and vehicle fuel to see you through any crisis. Whether you need gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, ethanol, or even AvGas or aviation fuel, rest assured that SFS will keep your institution running for as long as necessary with our strategic fuel reserves. And, that also means not having to store potentially hazardous fuels beforehand at your site, and all the paperwork that involves!

24/7 Nationwide Fuel Delivery

Because disasters don’t recognize geographic or time restraints, SFS maintains a nationwide fleet of fuel delivery trucks and equipment to keep your facility’s buildings powered, and vehicles running, 24/7 without skipping a beat. From routine on-site storage tank and generator fuel deliveries, to emergency mobile fueling services, SFS has the business continuity plan resources your healthcare institution can rely upon.

Fuel Site Assessments and Planning

Planning for the unexpected is hard, and that’s why SFS has seasoned consultants who can walk you through your emergency fuel delivery needs based upon an initial site inspection. For example, in addition to quantity planning, your generator fuel quality must also be tested to ensure that your facility’s vital medical devices and equipment will keep performing optimally. In addition to fuel testing, our consultants further use an approach that’s JCAHO and Audit-compliant, which gives you one less thing to worry about!

When Your Lights Go Out SFS Stands Ready

Since 2006, Strategic Fuel Systems has been providing emergency fuel services for hospitals and other healthcare institutions across the U.S. to ensure patient continuity-of-care without missing a beat when emergency power outages and fuel shortages strike. If we can help you finalize your business continuity plan, or answer questions about our disaster-tested, emergency fuel service for hospitals and healthcare institutions, contact SFS today by calling: 1(866) 445-5508. Or, feel free to email us now at: [email protected].