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SFS Tattoo

Tattoos attract strong feelings among people, much like cats—some people love them, some people don’t. People get tattoos for different reasons—self-expression, to remember a deceased family member, fandom (such as a movie or band), or as a form of artistry. Today, one in four Americans has at least one tattoo, and many have two or more. For a team member of Specialty Fuel Services, his new tattoo came after his recent experience during Hurricane Florence.

Driver Chris Wertheimer and his assistant Cody Chenault were sent out to deliver emergency generator fuel to the Food Lion in Rocky Point, NC, at the request of Powersecure (our client, and the company that takes care of the store’s generator system.) After the storm, the generator was low on fuel at a time when locals really needed the store to be open.

Under normal conditions, this trip would have been about 90 minutes from the time of dispatch. But the Food Lion was completely surrounded by water, with no way into the area. This trip to Food Lion took over 10 hours, and they were still unable to deliver fuel.

Chris reported back to the company that they were unable to get near the store and were told to stop for the night. However, Chris knew that the generator didn’t have long before the fuel ran out, and he was determined to get there before that happened.

Chris discovered a possible way in—Raccoon Road. Chris decided to take a chance on Raccoon Road, and was finally able to reach the Food Lion just before the generator ran out of fuel. The manager was so happy and met them with hugs when they arrived. People in the community were depending on the store to be open during this time of need, and our drivers were indeed heroes to them. Chris and Cody delivered enough fuel to keep the store’s generator running for the next two days until normal power was restored.

When they returned home, Chris decided to get a tattoo to show his love for his job and to commemorate his adventure:

SFS Tattoo

Be Ready For The Next Disaster

Hurricane Season is almost over, but that doesn’t mean another storm won’t happen.

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