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January 2, 2019
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Mississippi Business Journal

Although Specialty Fuel Services has been in business since 2005, the company didn’t appear in The Mississippi Business Journal until ten years later.

The article discusses the founders and the two companies that SFS is affiliated with, Dickerson Petroleum and Dickerson Transportation in Kosciusko and Gresham Petroleum out of Sunflower County. After Dickerson companies’ owner Kirk Dickerson realized there was a shortfall in the way emergency fuel was handled during Hurricane Katrina, he founded Specialty Fuel Services to meet the needs of short-term deliveries during a disaster.

While SFS is strictly an emergency fuel supplier, the company leverages the resources and assets of the other companies. Managing partner Trey Howard joined SFS in 2012.

In addition to contracting with the state of Mississippi for emergency fuel, SFS also supplies fuel to hospitals, grocery and retail stores, utilities, and other businesses that people depend on after an emergency, along with the equipment, team and project management services as needed.

While hurricanes and other predictable storms alert the company to impending deployments, some emergencies happen without warning. SFS is ready to go when the call comes in from customers in need.

You can read the article in its entirety here.

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