Emergency Fuel Preparation for Hurricane Florence

What To Take If You Have To Evacuate For A Hurricane
September 14, 2018
What Is Diesel Exhaust Fluid?
October 1, 2018
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SFS Emergency Fuel Delivery Preparation

Specialty Fuel Services is preparing for supporting our clients in the path of Hurricane Florence. Our SFS team, fuel and equipment is staged and in position across VA, NC, SC and GA to deliver emergency fuel and support customers and first responders as they brace for the impact of Hurricane Florence.

SFS operations center is activated and staffed 24×7.

Emergency Fuel Delivery When You Need It

Tropical weather can change quickly, leaving you without adequate time to prepare. Don’t let your facility’s generator run out of fuel. Call us at 1-866-445-5508, send us an email us at [email protected], or use our online contact form to reserve your emergency fuel supply. Centrally located with strategic fuel reserves throughout the US, Specialty Fuel Services can deliver emergency fuel and equipment anywhere. Add us to your disaster recovery and business continuity plan to guarantee fresh fuel at your location anytime. We’re just a phone call away.

Evacuation Checklist

Within our blog section we include several articles that might be beneficial to those facing a pending disaster. The evacuation guide provides some help in determining what steps to take when faced with a possible evacuation.