Strategic Fuel Reserves


What does it cost when your business shuts down due to a power outage? What would happen if your vehicles could not find fuel?

The only way to guarantee that you will have fuel at an unknown date in the future is to hold a reserve. Period. Think about it. You would need 10,000 gallons a week to run your computer center generators if power goes off. During the year, you only burn 200 gallons a month. The fuel distributor has 150 other customers larger than you. When the power goes off and you call for a rush delivery, who do you think will be served first? What if the fuel distributor has been limited by the amount of fuel available to him and couldn't help you if he wanted to?

You could install a large tank and keep 10,000 gallons on hand. However, fuel has a shelf life, and it would need to be kept fresh.

SFS solves this whole problem by holding your fuel in an operating terminal out of harm's way, but in reasonable proximity to your need. In a terminal, the fuel is turned daily, ensuring freshness. Since the fuel was purchased in advance of a problem, you know what it will cost when you call for it, and how much it will cost to deliver it, and when it will be delivered.

SFS can hold strategic reserves of as little as 10,000 gallons to millions of gallons.