Fuel distribution is a specialized trade. It requires special equipment, special training, special licensing. Most trucks in the fuel delivery business are owned by companies with a list of customers they are supplying or they are owned by companies delivering to their own stores.

If your needs are not their needs, you are going to be down the list of their priorities. If they have time, and fuel, and their drivers haven't exceeded their hours of service, maybe you can get them to deliver to you.

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A transport truck is best used to haul full loads of fuel to a location where it can be offloaded, then return to the terminal for another load. They are typically multi-compartment units that can hold more than one type of fuel, and depending on what they are hauling can deliver up to 8500 gallons of fuel.

A bobtail truck is a specialized truck that can haul up to 4500 gallons of fuel, can load into a tank, dispense to vehicles, and is much more maneuverable than a tanker truck, making it very well suited to staging area work, or mobile fueling where your workforce is located, or operating on a route, such as keeping remote generators running.