Specialty Fuel Services, LLC was formed following the hurricane season of 2005 that revealed major problems in the distribution of fuel to emergency and essential services workers.

In short, government, law enforcement, search and rescue, and utility companies competed with the general public for fuel which was in short supply due to infrastructure damage caused by the storms.

Hospitals, banks, computer centers, and other high need entities had generators but no reliable plan to keep fueled, and the price of fuel they could get was generally at the elevated prices caused by the storm problems.

SFS felt that we could solve the problems with pre storm planning, fuel reserves held in an out of harm's way location, and a coalition of fuel transporters with a variety of equipment and techniques to solve the distribution problems caused by a storm or other market interrupting problem.

By prearranging these agreements the customer has no need to worry about the market conditions. Fuel held in a reserve has a known value. Distribution costs are known and the customer has exclusive use of equipment, thus no worries that they might “get lost” in the flurry of other activities that happen in emergencies.

SFS is peace of mind.