Specialty Fuel Services, LLC (hereafter SFS) was formed in 2006 in the aftermath of significant storm activity to fill the void between those who need help with fuel services and those who can provide it.  SFS has significant experience in actually delivering these services to storm struck areas.  No other company will bring our level of expertise and passion to the emergency fueling business.

SFS offers emergency responders such as State and Federal agencies, local government, police, fire, hospitals, wireless companies, and power and utility companies assurances that their operations will have the fuel and equipment needed to perform their missions in the event of a natural disaster, act of terrorism or other catastrophic event which makes their normal fueling plans inoperable.

SFS’s mission is to bring a sense of order to emergency fueling operations and deliver specialized fueling services to our customers.  Such services include but are not limited to:

•    Delivery of fuel to customer locations
•    Wet hosing using bobtail trucks at emergency staging areas
•    Set up, operation, and take down of temporary emergency fueling stations
•    Purchase and storage of emergency fuel reserves
•    Locate and deliver fuel when the supply is difficult to manage through normal channels
•    Logistics of fueling equipment
•    Dispersal of unused fuel
•    Labor to operate any and all equipment
•    Tanks, pumps, generators, and delivery of such systems
•    JetA and AvGas  fueling
•    Biodiesel/ Ethanol
•    Diesel Exhaust Fluid (Urea)